Kurdish Mevan Babakar (29) is searching for a Dutch aidworker who worked at a refugee camp in the nineties

English versionMevan Babakar (29), Kurdish-British, is looking for an aid worker who was employed at a refugee camp in Zwolle in the Netherlands in the early nineties. Earlier this afternoon she tweeted a request for help in a final attempt to find this man. ,,I just want to thank him for the kindness he showed me, and the bike that he gave me as a present”, says Babakar.

She is currently in Zwolle looking for more clues to find the man. ,,I was sitting in the local library but I couldn't find any information and no one knew anything about the camp or him, so in a final attempt, I tweeted my request. After many retweets, we have uncovered some better clues.”

Mother, Gulala Rashid, called in from London with extra information, as much as she could remember. ,,The camp was just outside of Zwolle, near a rehabilition clinic", says the mother who was 31 years old at the time. ,,We could walk to the center of Zwolle. It’s not clear what his job was. I don't know if he was a manager or if he was doing all kind of jobs, he did have a nickname though, we called him ‘aap’, which means monkey. But when I got to know him a little bit better he asked me to stop calling him that.”

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